Attorney Jay S. Sheth

Personal Injury Lawyer & Workers Compensation Attorney in the greater Chicago area.

I am a Personal Injury and Workers Compensation attorney who has been practicing in Illinois since 1996.  Most of my work has been in the areas of personal injury and workers compensation – but I have handled family law matters, business matters, real estate, general litigation, social security disability and bankruptcy law matters.

I have tried cases at almost every level in the Illinois legal system, including civil cases, workers compensation claims, and administrative cases (like Social Security or Illinois Human Services).  In addition, I have handled several appellate cases as well.

During the course of my career - at firms I worked with - as well as in my own practice, I have handled cases which have led to payments of millions of dollars in awards after trial or settlement.  But, I also believe that having the client walk away feeling that a wrong has been made right is as important as well.

Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope I can be of assistance to you.

Please Note: If you are in need of urgent legal advice, please send me an e-mail describing your situation, or call me directly at 630/964-5700 and if I don't answer right away, leave a message with my assistant and I will get back to you as soon as I can - usually within a couple hours.